Simple | Strong | Rugged 

When we think of travel we automatically think of holidays and adventures, good times if you like. Working in the background of the fashion industry I travelled extensively seeking new fabrics and fibres, new techniques and ideas. And got to meet a huge number of people… 

Unbeknownst to me, my brain was starting to formulate a grand plan. You see creating Cora + Spink had always been something that I’d wanted to do, but it wasn’t until 2014 (November to be exact) that all the pieces of the jigsaw finally came together.

Tim Johnson Bromsgrove fashion designer

Tim Johnson
CEO / Founder

Eater of chilli – master of the sewing machine.

Ayesha Bibi
Public Relations

Stylist and wonder maker with a camera and cake.

Flo Cat
Customer Support

Doesn’t work for love nor money.

The Cora + Spink Story…

From cotton mill to your back, Cora + Spink takes pride in knowing every person on the pathway to carrying your laptop to work, your kit to the gym and everything in between.

Tim Johnson (founder) has worked tirelessly in the background of the fashion industry as a product developer for a host of UK and international companies, but needed a next project. Intent on ensuring accountants weren’t going to set boundaries for Cora + Spink he established partnerships with producers and manufacturers in Kolkata, India where he saw an opportunity to take locally produced cotton, Kolkata’s world-famous leather and make simple, refined and almost back to basics range of bags.

Inspired by tales from his family tree, including his great, great, great aunt Cora, the vision of Cora + Spink started to take shape. Whilst it was important in the early days to produce really good quality bags and backpacks, it has become even more of a goal to help change those lives the bags touch.

From 2016 Cora + Spink has been associated with The West Bengal Khadi Board – a government run co-operative that maintains standards and rights of hand weavers and spinners of cloth. He has worked alongside the small family owned manufacturer to help achieve SEDEX certification and is working with the team of highly skilled individuals towards internationally recognised workplace standards. Whilst also maintaining and building a bond with every worker along the road.

Helping to build, and encourage a thriving community, Cora + Spink makes it fun and happy knowing that we are enhancing the lives of individuals across the world build a future for their families, whilst producing world class, unique and very British with a hint of California backpacks to keep your laptop safe.