Welcome to Cora + Spink 2019

Introducing a new concept in backpacks, new water repellent finish, new hardware, new linings, new designs, new vegan, new colours, new finishes…

The start is here.

Pre-orders open for a full 7 days from midnight 7th March 2019.

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Pre Order 2019

Poly Bag Vegan Backpack.

I see a little silhouetto of a rectangle… Poly Bag plays no part in bohemian rhapsody, but as one of our most anticipated styles of 2019 we’re confident… we’re confident you’ll like the backpack.

100% vegan – made with full traceability Poly Bag Backpack is a go everywhere backpack, designed to house your laptop and more in comfort.

Certified Vegan Backpacks from Cora + Spink

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Ruxtpin Backpack

Round 3 is good going! Ruxtpin returns with some amazing new features. All new handloom lining compliments the tweaked exterior style. It’s tough to modify such a great backpack – the straps are now better fitting and more comfortable.

All black hardwear combined with the new leather makes this tech bag something to be reckoned with. Perfect for everyday, or as a larger travel bag. So much room for so many things.

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Ten Ball Vegan Backpack

Stop the presses – Ten Ball Vegan is here. Constructed and made 100% Vegan in our special vegan production line we are proud to announce our continuation of vegan developments for 2019.

The outer and inners are made from amazing waxed laminated cotton canvas and handloom often recycled fibre khadi cotton. Handmade in every respect Ten Ball will make you happy.


Certified Vegan Backpacks from Cora + Spink

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Roll Top Backpack

Pickle Bag Backpack

So you’ve decided you need a new backpack, great – but how big? Pickle backpack has been designed for those times when you can’t decide how much junk you’ll want to carry at any one time.

With an enormous expanding capacity, or a regular good sized capacity – you will be happy. Guaranteed. (There’s also a massive pocket for a full sized laptop and more if you want to get technical)

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Ten Ball Backpack

The pod backpack has returned. Small but perfectly formed Ten Ball is the sort of backpack that can be used in every situation. It’s perfect for work, as it holds a laptop perfectly in the padded laptop sleeve section. Whilst being deceptively big enough for your everyday items as well.

2019 sees a new range of colours as well as new leather and linings. It’s the small things that count, and Ten Ball Backpack goes to ten.

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Waterproofed canvas with handloom linings.

Combining the latest technology in waxed laminated canvas with 1000 year old handloom cotton to protect your… Today you carry more technology on your back than that which sent a morris minor into space… and neither of those things like to get wet or bashed.

That’s why we’ve developed a brand new range of backpacks to fit every situation. From the casual commute across town, to travel and exploration around the globe.

Cora + Spink allows you to carry with confidence your everything, safely and securely in robust, over engineered, waterproofed backpacks.


Inside each backpack, the linings have been redeveloped with your feedback to house more technology than before. Each backpack is designed to carry a laptop and more with extra padding, slip pockets and secure zipped enclosures/pockets.

New for 2019 is the introduction of full handloom linings. Hand woven, and hand spun cotton canvas is used inside all of the bags. This amazing cloth is handmade in small batches, sourced through the Khadi Board of West Bengal.

Every inch of canvas we commission supports directly (no charity) the workers. Enabling them to grow their own businesses in and around Kolkata, with support from the cooperative – who ensure the workers are free from exploitation, receiving advice, education and guidance to grow their business as well as a host of practical support to develop themselves and their families.

The Pre-Order System

For one week you will have open access to ‘pre-orders’ – these pre-orders will in advance ‘book’ your prefered items, as they are being made.

Your expected despatch (from the UK) date is in 6 weeks from the close of the pre-orders. We don’t anticipate any delays in production, as we are well underway right now (hence delaying this launch so we were confident on a delivery date).

On completion of your order you will receive a confirmation email – we will use that email address to keep you posted with developments. 

If there are any questions whatsoever – you can get in touch directly via:

[email protected]

+44 1527 313 678 (phone and whatsapp) 

Or contact page also has links to messenger etc you can find our contact page by clicking here – CONTACT