A backpack for the office

Getting away with it?

Is it getting away with it if you and your colleagues are doing it already – no we don’t mean the two reams of A4 you nicked last week… everyone knows everyone does that. (Have you ever bought a ream of paper? Don’t all swing around in your chair now… we know…)
When it comes to the office there are many unwritten rules regarding acceptable standards… these standards differ from place of work to field, but they seem to lump us into one or two categories… suit, or not suit. No matter your choice… the same conundrum occurs across the country; you must carry a lunch – your lunch must not get squashed… and you must carry an A4 package at least twice a year – or a laptop (every day)…
There’s no getting away from it, we all carry exactly the same… men and women alike* So how do you transport your lunch safely each day? What is the the best bag for style, but also for comfort? The answer…
Well… the backpack… the Bishop Backpack is the answer. This super simple, super pack with two straps and a zip is going to keep your sarnies solid, your laptop safe and your A4 reams crispy. Is it getting away with it when it looks this good… it really can be worn smart or casual, and it looks amazing contrasting a crisp suit. The smart deep dye waxed canvas and leather combine to make a non statement, statement.
Sticking to our ethos of strong, simple and rugged… it’s available in a variety of colours, blue, red, grey or green… we decided to test it out with a suit jacket jeans combination in a graveyard – because everyone knows, look good in a graveyard, in a 8:30 meeting you will look amazing.

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