A Bottle Shop, wedding photographer, 2 bike mechanics + a cow…

Cora + Spink backpacks in local coffee or bottle shop Bayleys

A Bottle Shop, wedding photographer, 2 bike mechanics + a cow

You heard it here first… after a lot of thought and consideration, we have decided to end our relationship… with Facebook. We’ve split, finito… get the cat, we’re moving out.

Facebook, you’re dumped.
TL: DR at the bottom ?

inside a backpack with multiple pockets sorted for your laptop, books and more


For 3 years or so, we’ve spent countless dollars feeding Mr Facebook an endless sum of money to advertise our wares. And you know what? It worked – it sort of worked, but it also sort of didn’t.

A billion-dollar “entity” left us feeling insignificant, at a loss when things didn’t happen the way we’d hoped. From not having a person at the end of the phone to being responsible for the destruction of everyone’s newsfeed – it never felt right. We liked facebook when it was our friends’ cat videos and holiday photos… but now we were adding to the rubbish – whilst alone… and poor.

So, that’s it… we’re pulling our budget from facebook and reinvesting locally with people, businesses, shops, offices, workshops with real stories.

We’re going back to our roots… and you know what, in 2 weeks it’s already starting to make everything feel just that little bit nicer (understatement of the year).

But Timothy, what does this mean to me?

Picture the scene, Bromsgrove, a typical market town somewhere in Worcestershire, we call it home – it has a high street that’s faced the same problems the world over. Large chains come and go, independents left – faceless billion-dollar entities (are you catching a theme?)…

And then…

If you recall some time ago I wrote about coincidences – the right place at the right time…

We found Bayleys of Bromsgrove (bottle shop/coffee house) finding Bayley’s was the start of a super rabbit hole, here I met the photographer Anthony Hall Bromsgrove Photographer (pictures in this email + photographer extraordinaire) who is working with us to make the backpacks look amazing whilst offering us a completely new perspective on business.

The meeting at Bayleys – sparked a conversation at The Muse Coffee House in Leamington… which has lead to… meetings with Academy Bikeworks that inspired us to start conversations with… (I genuinely can’t say this one – but it’s exciting!)

To summarise.

We’re a local business that can operate globally, but with so many interesting local connections why are we not spending more time and money with people nearby! It’s way more fun, just as effective and so much more rewarding than sitting on a computer thinking about which photo to promote.

Cora + Spink has not changed.

We are striving to bring you backpacks with social and ethical responsibility and right now working in our community is rewarding in ways we’d never dreamed of.

We’re on the lookout for interesting collaborations – so if you know of a small business that would be interested in working together, let us know!


*TL: DR – We got fed up spending money with faceless media corporations because we were taught to believe it was the right thing to do – instead we’re branching out to local businesses and working together instead! If you know any small business that wants to get involved tell us!

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