Backpacks, Denim and Suits… How to Wear

2 ten ball backpacks in waxed canvas

New jeans, new backpack… what do they have in common with a new kitten*?

When your Cora + Spink backpack arrives you’ll be in no doubt as to its quality, opening the package you’ll see perfectly presented, vibrant black waxed canvas creation that will live on your back for years to come… but how are you going to make it stay crisp and beautiful? Well, you’re not.
You’re not going to maintain this backpack in the condition it comes to you in because that would be crazy. No your new Cora + Spink backpack will turn out just like your favourite jeans – perfectly worn in and living in ‘it’s spot’ for the next 10 years (or more)…

exploring the outdoors with Cora + Spink Backpacks

Out in the woods

2 years on – and it looks different?

You see, I love denim and I love a perfectly tailored suit, but both of them are different fellows – a suit worn daily should always be hung in the evening and replaced in the wardrobe… a pair of jeans might, occasionally get hidden in a cupboard.
New range is coming soon – ready for you to wear it in perfectly. The waxed canvas gives such an amazing wear in pattern – you’ll love it.
*treat them with kid gloves – but then shut outside to deal with the neighbours.