Cora + Spink Backpacks Vanity Fair A List

Britain’s Best Independent Boutiques…

Cora + Spink top backpack retailer Assembly, Frome appears in Vanity Fair magazine’s A-List Hot Spot 2018.

Vanity Fair and we couldn’t be more excited…

Cora + Spink shop appears in Vanity Fair.

They say a lot can happen in a year…

Last year we announced Assembly, fine retailer of Cora + Spink backpacks had featured in The Times, as one of it’s ‘Boutique of the Week’ award winners. See ‘The Times’ post here

This week, Anthony has upped the game once again winning a coveted place in Vanity Fairs A-list Hot Spots article by Charlotte Sutherland-Hawes.

In the article Charlotte rightly points out how and why independent boutiques have such an important role in today’s ever changing high street. You see, Anthony very early on recognised that the customer wants more, and deserves more. The face of a high street, the same up and down the country wasn’t what you, the customer wanted. So set out to build and grow as a leading light, promoting and selling the sorts of products we actually want. Independent businesses such as Cora + Spink shine in places like this.


The New ONLINE shop is now open


2 weeks ago we spent an afternoon with Anthony going over the new range of waxed backpacks he’s selected for the shop – we got a few phone pictures, but mostly spent time discussing the virtues of over watering pot plants, whilst chomping on baguettes from the bakery down the road.

We love Assembly, not just as a customer, but as a truly dedicated leader in the world that is British retail.

So Anthony, hats off to you sir, we look forward to continuing to supply you with some backpacks and whatnot – and can’t wait to see who or what gets written about Assembly in the future.

Vanity Fair includes Assembly, Frome.

Cora + Spink wallets lie in store at Assembly shop.

“Anthony Hick is passionate about what he does and that Assembly is more than simply a boutique, it’s curating a way of life for the ever-growing tribe of fashion followers who want more for their money.”

Charlotte Sutherland-Hawes, Vanity Fair, Feb 17, 2018.

The customer always wants more…

Cora + Spink full new range of waxed canvas backpacks available in store.

award winning backpacks

The selection grows.

Bringing the customers what they demand – Cora + Spink new backpacks 2018. Waxed and ready.

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