New Backpacks – 2018

backpack guide 2018

2018 guide to Cora + Spink backpacks

What’s new for 2018?

Like ducks on the surface, all is peaceful and calm, but just below the water we’re very orange and scaley… It’s been a roller coaster of a ride this last 6 months, hectic and exciting in equal measure as we’ve finally put together our best range of backpacks yet.

So what’s new? I hear you cry… we’ve been listening, we’ve been talking and with 2 years of grit and determination we bring you… all new:

Canvas – the canvas makes the backpack 

From day one of Cora + Spink we’ve worked to develop and build our knowledge of all things related to canvas. Different types, textures, weaves, fibres, dyes and finishes. We’ve focused on the strength and durability of heavy strong cotton canvas – and 2018 is no different. Only for 2018 we’re able to finally bring you a fully waxed cotton canvas that not only looks and feels amazing, but is able to resist water perfectly. Water off a duck’s back and all…

Developing a waxed finish to cotton canvas isn’t particularly difficult, but there are only a few mills (in the world) able to complete the process when the canvas has been made in small batches to specification, which includes the dyeing.

The new canvas is technically a cotton canvas, with tight reverse weave very lightly finished for a brilliant feel in the hand, the waxing process is a highly guarded secret – but is a paraffin wax treatment with a fine dry handle.

The reason for the delay and complications arise in the physical process. Small batches of canvas (that we specialise in) are processed differently and separately to large/regular production canvas. One reason you see lots of neutral, beige and green coloured waxed canvas – ‘other companies’ simply buy stock canvas and voila. We were never keen nor happy to do this – and have always resisted offers of stock supply.

The results are testament to our stubbornness.


waxed canvas backpack


Butter Bag Backpack v2.0

Butter bag backpack returns resplendent in deep black waxed canvas with matte black thick leather, gun metal grey hardware and accessories. Large inside laptop pocket + tablet pocket. Perfect all round work, travel and play backpack/rucksack. 


Leather – finishes the backpack

2018 also sees a development in the leather we’re using. Our facilities in Kolkata are surrounded by tanneries of all shapes and sizes. Kolkata really is a world of leather (not going to use the joke again) at every turn you see suppliers and merchants of all types of leather – leathers from cow, buffalo and goat of different grades, ready to be made into whatever you desire.

The leather we use has always been made to specification, we want a soft handle leather that is practical and long lasting.

The latest leather we have is thick, much thicker than we’ve used before, wonderfully matte and has a soft but supple feel that makes you want to… erm… sling it over your shoulder and carry your backpack a little longer.

We’ll update here very soon with the exact launch dates of the new collection. But please be sure to follow us around the web to get notified.