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New technology getting smaller?

We’ve discussed in the past how we take for granted carrying a huge amount of technology with us at all times. 99% of us carry a bag with a laptop or tablet for work, university, school – heck I don’t think there needs to be much reason; we all carry tech and you’re reading a blog about bags on your phone!
Today’s announcement of the new DJI Mavik Pro drone is one we’ve been waiting for. You see half the battle with expensive equipment is the ability to use it quickly and have access to it rapidly. The rise of video/camera drones is testament of their accessibility, they make aerial shots affordable, the technology enables the the average Joe to produce shots of unimaginable quality. Just 5 years ago a quadcopter rig with stabilised camera was not a consumer item. Today, they are getting there.
Developments in technology mean that we can now carry a drone in our backpack. The new DJI Mavik Pro drone and the GoPro Karma both feature everything, if not more than their predecessors in terms of kit. 4K stabilised camera as standard, but their compact and folding design is the major leap. You can now literally whip out your chopper in a flash and be in the air in seconds – wherever you are.

So what bag do we recommend to carry your drone?

Our recommendation is Ruxtpin Backpack a fully featured large (not silly big – it’s not something you’d climb Everest with) backpack with 2 main compartments. The front compartment is ideal for ancillary items – tablet/phone for the drone controller, laptop, rotor blades, external hard drives, memory cards, batteries, cables etc. This leaves the main compartment for the drone itself with the absolute added bonus, that you have another padded compartment for a full sized laptop, and room to spare anything else.
Ruxtpin backpack has been designed to look after your kit, without becoming something without personality, it’s a fully cool bag in it’s own right.

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