Colours Spring

Is there ever a better reason to crack out the old pantone colour charts than when you’re deciding the next batch of canvas colours. Well is there any other reason? I guess it does serve a purpose as a tea coaster. I digress – I love the theory of spending hours deliberating over specific colours in the book, PMS 2915 or PMS 2905 the perfect bluey grey, that compliments the natural tan leather – knowing full well that not only can I not distinguish a difference, but the colours are mixed by eye and hand with a I’ve done this a million times approach, and what is this idiot doing waving tiny spots of colour in front me doing. So here are the next set of colours for the whole range – all I can say is that these are the colours that are chosen, but when the fabrics are processed, waxed, finished and then dried they take on a two tone finish, not the solid bold colour you see on the screen.
For all customers with a chequebook, the colours printed inside the front cover are the same colours you can see here on the screen, but are more representative to the final colours. Heres a photo with a cow.