Waxed Cotton Canvas

Cotton Canvas – Making cloth

I do love requesting things, and I love being vague doing so. So when my inbox pings with a new video straight from the factory I never really know what to expect. Last year when the concept of developing a full range of mens bags came about, it was crack of dawn emails like this that drove the project in the direction that it has gone in. That first video from the top secret canvas finishing factory that was happy to take me on, to this video below, I never, ever know what is happening next.
Last week I mentioned in passing that I wanted to see what would happen when we applied different treatments to raw canvas prior to finish and waxing, then leave them out to bake naturally in the sun. I did this some time ago to some reclaimed canvas I found in India – it was typical boring green and off green, with some light poo brown thrown in to excite a dull party (the sort of canvas that is popping up everywhere now because it is cheap) I digress – lay it out, water with soap solution scrubbed clean, then hung, draped and left to bake – not dry, actually bake… this created a brilliant partially bleached and washed out look. It was nice, still a crap colour to begin with, but did have this new element.
I wanted to try the same with our custom finished and dyed canvas to see what would happen. To see how the dyes would interact, to see if we could get any change of colour – to see if there was a change to the texture and handle. For me the biggest part of the experiment is the sun bake… so of course, for the last 8 days it has been belting down with rain in Northern Pakistan. Totally unseasonal. But these things are sent to test us. Once again I digress, not to be deterred it appears my head honcho had other ideas, he transported himself back 20 years, and got out a bottle of bleach.
Now I for one am not going to argue that this has certainly done something – and I think I like it. When this has been steamed, waxed and finished I think this could be the start of something. I keep thinking dungarees. But then again – watch this space… Be the judge yourself.
More to follow, I’ve got to post the photos that document the development of a bag from concept to shop – Bishop Bag 1 or Dingo CV – for anyone with a keen eye there is a hint there <<<

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