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A weekend away.

In the UK you’re never more than 70 miles from the coast (Coton in the Elms) sat here in the middle of Worcestershire, what that means, is you’re actually about 8 hours away from the seaside – and childhood trauma…
Luckily, it’s 2017, the Triumph Herald with its leaky roof and slightly too many holes in the floor are long gone, so a blast to Aberystwyth is possible in a couple of hours. Cutting through the twisty roads, the trip is actually rather nice, along the way you start to appreciate this rather spectacular country we live in. Worcestershire is beautiful, but once you reach the border and further into mid-Wales, the scenery changes. The hills climb and build into mountains, horses turn in to sheep, and finally the sheep turn into fields of slate.
As you near the coast the air changes, you can smell the sea (which we recently learned was an actual smell caused by the break down of algae) and the familiar site of the town is set before you. As we set to explore and find food, it became apparent, Aberystwyth has been working hard since my last visit as a child. The buildings on the front have been maintained beautifully, the promenade clean and busy there wasn’t much sign of the student population, possibly because they had not yet returned from Christmas – but it was clear their influence and money was here.
My one abiding memory of the sea front at Aberystwyth had always been the public toilets… specifically for the ‘no spitting – consumption sign’. It’s funny what you remember. I wanted to find someone to ask about this, as google still refuses, it came as a shock to find the building converted to a small fish place – it was shut by the time we located it, so Pysgoty if you occupy the old Victorian loos, please let me know if you kept the signs!
Following on from the famous promenade we found just slightly off the beaten track a series of dunes in an area called, Ynyslas Sand Dunes if you can imagine a set from a movie, that has been filmed then rendered back into 3D this is what Ynyslas was like. It was both surreal, and late…
The journey home was quicker than expected, the mountains turned back to pavements and sheep to corner shops… a return visit shall be planned.