Men's bags retail – We hit the high street

Our hands on our heads, skating down Hermosa beach…

A lot can change in 6 months, a lot can change in one phone call.

When I designed the first Cora + Spink bag I didn’t expect the range to be sold all over the world, but then customers started somehow finding us. From far and wide they came, Texas to Olten to New South Wales… it was exciting shipping parcels off to Marrickville; Dingo CV messenger bag may actually encounter a Dingo. And then customers started sending and tagging Cora + Spink on their travels, South America, Africa, Arctic Circle – Cora + Spink has officially been all over the world, and so it was with Tim logic that we would take the next step (leap)…

Breaking News…

Last week, after a series of meetings and negotiations, we have made that next step (leap). From July 2016 Cora + Spink will be on the high street! Starting in Worcester City Center and Frome, Somerset, our bags in all their glory will be in store for you to buy.
The planning has started, much has to be done with just a few weeks to get things ready we have launch parties to plan, shops to design… and well figure out how to make bricks and mortar retail work! The exact details are still to be announced, so please watch this space, but both retailers Reefs in Worcester and Assembly in Frome are perfect partners in this new development.

Retail design – how the shops will look.

Without giving too much away the two retail spaces we’ve been granted are quite different, but our approach is always going to be the same. Stand out, be different but fit in like you’ve always been there. This is almost the opposite to the marketing 101 books I never read, but fits really well with the best bag you forgot you use everyday philosophy that Cora + Spink stands for. Here’s a sneak behind the candelabra of where we’re at so far.

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