Cora + Spink Ethics

As a small business that has grown we’ve found a number of similar questions arise regarding various aspects of Cora + Spink ethical production. Here’s a short breakdown of what we’re doing to make a difference.

Ethical Standards

At the core of Cora + Spink is our commitment to making people happy. A simple and bold statement, and we like it that way. We will do everything in our power to make you happy, whilst every person who has made Cora + Spink possible, is also happy.

In practical terms this means we only make, purchase and work with companies and individuals who seek to better themselves and the environment together. You can read our Complete Guide to Ethical Fashion here

Our facilities in Kolkata have grown with us and are now SEDEX accredited and working towards gaining recognised international awards.

We work closely with The West Bengal Government’s Khadi Board – a marvelous co-operative that looks after cloth/canvas hand weavers and hand spinners – education programs, access to resources, business help and guidance and most of all protection from exploitation in all it’s guises.

In the UK we use local services and experts who stand by our ethics.

Cora + Spink handmade certificate Khadi Board West Bengal

We only have one environment. In 2004 I wrote a paper tackling the impact on the environment the fashion industry makes, with a series of practical solutions. Today we are applying those methods to Cora + Spink.

Principle to our objectives is to manufacture items that last. Producing good quality, long lasting products is key to reducing an impact on the environment at the manufacturers side and then the recycling side of the cycle. Each and every bag is designed and made to be strong, simple and rugged – it is designed to improve with age and wear. We encourage customers to mend and repair the bags when needed, but starting off with tough and over engineered product means this isn’t likely to be needed soon.

Recycling – The Khadi Board of West Bengal Co-operative functions as one of the greatest organisations in the whole of India. Khadi by definition is a self sustainable industry that feeds from recycling fibres – making new from old. By utilising Khadi in each and every backpack and bag we are putting old fibres into something that will be around for a long time – benefiting customer and supplier.

Carbon offsetting – we have joined various initiatives to offset our carbon footprint – including developing hydro-power plants in Madagascar, continual investment in state of the art technology at our servers and more…


Cora + Spink is growing – we are growing because our business is sustainable, our focus is always to produce the best bags and backpacks whilst making people happy. The happier we are, the more we all grow.

Constant reinvestment at all levels of the business allow our suppliers and partners to grow too. Whilst we all follow our simple, strong and rugged ethos.

We love the rock we live on, and want to make it a better place for everyone. Making some bags in the meantime is just one of our goals. Being happy all the time is our true destination.