First impressions – What's on your shoulder

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First impressions – bag for the office.

The 0.1 second rule to create a lasting impression.
The first split second of being introduced to someone is enough for their brain to create a long lasting impression. In situations where you want that first impression to be positive, it’s important to consider how you dress. This should come as no shock to you but along with shoes, your bag is going to be as important in the overall look and presentation that you give as your whole outfit.
Slinging a ‘free with your laptop’ bag over your shoulder, or worse a backpack you’ve had since the dawn of time is simply not going to cut the mustard.

Thinking about the details.

From top to bottom your backpack takes up a significant area of your body that is ‘on first show’, so it’s important that from the front and back your bag looks good. With all Cora + Spink bags it’s the details that count – bold labels and logos are not something that will ever compliment a suit for a formal meeting, so it’s important to consider choosing a bag with minimal ‘advertising’.
Likewise it’s important to think that a backpack is going to be used daily, so you need a bag that is robust and designed to take care of the contents – usually a laptop, documents and your lunch! This means you should consider what pockets, zips are required and how these are accessible both in the office, in meetings, on the commute etc.

Not just for suits.

Lastly, we are not just talking about how to choose a bag or backpack to compliment a suit. Your bag is a large piece of real-estate on your body, so no matter your style – your bag should work with that. Part of Cora + Spink’s core ethos is the bags are well made and designed to last, they change with you. So if you’re teaming your bag with a suit it’s going to stay crisp and clean…likewise if you’re in a more rugged environment your Cora + Spink bag will start to mold to your activities.