Fonthill Utility
Fonthill Utility
Fonthill Utility Bag
Fonthill Utility Bag
Fonthill Utility Bag
Fonthill Utility Bag
Fonthill Utility Bag

Fonthill Utility Bag

At a glance Fonthill Utility is:

  • Waxed waterproofed cotton canvas
  • Recycled cotton lining
  • 100% vegan
  • 95% biodegradable
  • Inside mesh pocket
  • Rear straps
  • Long adjustable shoulder strap
  • Front patch pocket
  • Rugged metal zip
  • Outside approx. 21 cm (w) x 13 cm (h) x 10 cm (d)
  • Approx capacity 2.7 liters

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Fonthill Utility Bag

An over the shoulder waxed canvas bag with a million uses. Ideal day to day, this bag can be used for phone and wallet, or camera and keys. Ideal travel packing case for toiletries or gadgets, great for cycle rides, beach and hiking.

+Product Info

+ Design & Product Details

Fonthill Utility

An over the shoulder waxed canvas bag with a million uses. Ideal day to day, this bag can be used for phone and wallet, or camera and keys. Ideal travel packing case for toiletries or gadgets, great for cycle rides, beach and hiking. Practically simple in design, exterior and to the front is a small slip pocket, closed by use of a snap fastener. Then inside you have a nicely proportioned mesh pocket and that’s it.

Made from the same waxed canvas as the backpacks, offering superb rainproofness (yes that’s a word) the inside is also finished with our handloom recycled cotton lining. Which if you were not aware is 100% handmade without the use of electricity from reclaimed fibres sourced from the textile industry, reclaimed clothing and offcuts… The process is like a step back in time – first the fibres are broken down to fluff, which is then combed, spun and dyed, and eventually woven into cloth. Every single centimeter of cloth is unique, but more than that, it brings good employment and jobs to teams of workers (who are supported via the cooperative we source through).

Who knew a bag could do so much. Oh and all the hardware is metal, including the main zip, so it’s really strong and long lasting.

+ Specifications

It's Aqua, It's Blue, It's Burgundy, It's Green, It's Grey Blue, It's Orange, It's Yellow


2.7 litres


520 grams

The uniqueness of design.

  • Main compartment is ideal for everyday items.
  • Long adjustable shoulder strap for comfort, and durability.
  • Quality waxed canvas, the same as the backpacks.

Made with attention to detail.

  • Just the right size and perfectly proportioned.
  • Rear straps enable Fonthill to be secured within your luggage or outside.
  • Multi-purpose, can be used as a cross body bag, or a packing cube and travel aid.

What makes Cora + Spink?

Products that benefit everyone who touches them. From co-operatively sourced materials, to good wages and positive working environments.

What others are saying.

Each review is a personal story.

I love my new Cora + Spink bag. I already have four of the Ten Ball in different colours as I couldn’t decide which to go for and when I saw there was the new Fonthill Utility I realised I wanted that too. It’s big enough for everything you need to carry for a trip out shopping or day out yet also small enough to carry comfortably. Just perfect!

Love this little sack! After a summer of festivals and entertaining the kids this was my go to and life saver! Love the colour (blue) had so many comments and remarks... brilliant!!!!!!!

Saw the other colours on holiday - read the reviews after and spent ages hunting it down when I finally saw the backpacks on instagram! Jumped as it was only £25.00 but the shop had it for £30!!! Got my eyes on a backpack next. Love the lining and ethics, support small businesses.

Thank you for all your hard work, this small side bag is perfect for my wife.

Tim sent our delivery by royalmail so that we got it exactly when he said it would arrive. Very happy with the quality, the construction is clearly made to last and something I hope will see us through for a long time. The strap is easily adjustable, the pockets are easy to get into. And the colour is bright and happy. Will recommend to all our friends and family.


Is the bag waterproof?

The outside canvas has a unique water repellant treatment that makes the canvas rain proof. The natural and vegan process the canvas undertakes is ideal for all normal weather and conditions, it can also be further treated with Cora + Spink wax finishes. Over time the canvas will need to be topped up if you're outdoors lots. Please get in touch if you need more information. 

What is the returns policy?

We accept returns within 30 days where the product has not been used and is returned to us in the same condition (so we can sell it) as it arrived. This includes all straps, buckles, packaging, labels and other supplemental items included in the original sale. Please contact us directly to authorise and obtain a returns address. Full refund/returns policy is available here.  

Care instructions.

All C + S products are made by hand using natural materials. They are strong and robust, but do require care and attention to ensure they have a long and fulfilling life. We recommend removing mud and stains with a stiff brush, you can then use a damp cloth to gently remove any unwanted marks. Due to the nature of the material finish, you may encounter fading of the canvas - this is to be expected. Do use harsh chemicals, and do not wash in a washing machine. Specialist cleaners can help - if you have a particularly difficult stain please contact us directly, and we will do our best to advise.

Is it vegan? ?

Short answer, absolutely yes. No animal products or by products are used in the production of the backpacks, this includes but is not limited to the glues and treatments, the inks, dyes and the waxes... the working environment where all the backpacks are made is exclusively used only for Core + Spink products, meaning we control all elements of production.       

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