Orders despatched fast

To say the last 3 months have been eye opening is an understatement, and we owe it all to customers like you. Yes you! This post was supposed to be about how how inefficient the despatch process was, but in reality, I bought a new camera to create more video content to show our bags and whatchamacallits a little bit better.
When I order something online I want to see everything – I want to see the detail, the size, the finish, the insides and the outsides… I want to be as near to that product as is humanly possible through my phone or computer screen… but on top of that, when I see something I want, I want to be able to click buy now and have it, right now… I don’t want to wait… ever.
I’m not able to do both of those things, I can’t make your screen touch vision compatible, but I am working on making the experience of viewing our products much much better, it’s taking a bit longer than I had hoped, but in a few weeks time you will be able to view inside and outside all products, with the powers of 3D… I hope. It’s early days of the technology, and fitting into this website isn’t currently working, it will be good though.
As to how to get orders to you super fast, that’s almost the easy bit… we are not a faceless major corporation with robots, ala Amazon, think of us as your local butchers, or grocers if you’re veggie… so every order is handled as if you are stood there, right next to us in the shop it’s picked, wrapped, labelled and then despatched Royal Mail to be with you the next day.
Why do we do this? Well, because customer care, attention to detail and pride are all things that we can control 100%, we love the products we’ve designed, we love our customers for buying those products. Secondly, being a small company means we are competing against the big boy budgets, who can blow us away with marketing and promotions we could never afford to produce (but do everyday – but that’s another story). So the human touch, the Harrods rather than ermmmm… what shop can I defame legally, I hope you get the picture.
Anyway, new camera, new editing software (that I don’t know how to use) and a brief glimpse behind the scenes of processing an order ready for dispatch. Enjoy! (oh please subscribe to the youtube channel too!)
Packing Granville for an international order.

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