Jungle camouflage backpack

In the jungle, the mighty jungle… the Flo cat sleeps, all the time.

Today we are proud to announce the official release of ‘the all jungle camo’, Bishop bag and Butter bag. We had so many requests for a printed design bag, it felt right start off with our signature Bengali jungle print camouflage. Like everything we do, we wanted to make them our own way. And in doing so we have invented possibly the most rugged, ridiculous but amazing set of bags yet*.
We couldn’t be more proud, we’re sure you will love them.
Each bag is constructed from 24 ounce canvas (red) which is laminated with the jungle print design – the panels are then trimmed and stitched together with our finest black genuine leather. We have kept the same gun metal grey custom hardware, the YKK zips are dyed deep camo green. Inside the bags are all the same laptop pockets in Butter, and slip pocket in Bishop – each inside seam is reinforced with triple stitch and red binding tape.
Butter bag camo jeans
Bishop and Butter bag are available now online and in select retailers.
*Every stage of this bag adventure is ridiculous, but this was up one notch to 12. The long and short of the concept was to produce a bag with a print design, simple. But our problem started exactly there. Our mills produce our rugged canvas, they don’t make 24 ounce cotton canvas for anyone else – Cora + Spink canvas is truly original and to spec. Our initial idea was to take the finished (i.e. ready to cut and make into bags) canvas and print the design on the top, but not one print shop had the facilities to handle cloth of this weight, in the volumes that we deal with (each roll of canvas weighs 130kg’s)

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