24 Ounces – Carrying technology

Sunset over the Pacific

Technology joins us together, without modern technology Cora + Spink would not exist as it does today. Some say the world is smaller, I think it’s just become more accessible. A few years ago (coughs), the only technology I would regularly carry, that needed protecting was my Canon EOS 50e my mobile phone a rugged Nokia 6150 could sit in my pocket. I didn’t have a laptop, tablets had not yet been invented, digital cameras were out of my budget, and I certainly didn’t carry a charger, a battery pack or… hmmmm… searches bag, Oreo’s, we didn’t have Oreo’s back then either.

We’ve always had gadgets, we have always had things that needed protecting and looking after, but they weren’t always things that we needed all of the time. And the everyday technology that we have today, that enables us to be joined together, that makes the world a smaller place, that enables Cora + Spink to exist is no longer an option, they are the everyday.

I’m not writing this to go over the amount of rubbish that we cart about everyday, but rather, that stuff that you now carry everywhere has become more important, and like it or loathe it, it needs to be carried safely… this brings us to the latest range of bags, and how they have evolved over a very short period of time to cater for the person to whom gadgets are a tool, to whom technology is sometimes a burden to creativity, but without would…

This is why in the latest bags we have included more allowances for technology, but in a subtle, I can’t actually really tell that’s why you’re carrying that bag type of way. We have reinvented the tech bag. We have taken the concept of laptop bag, wrapped it in 24 ounce canvas and leather and walked up the middle of a river (river bag)…

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