How to explore and look good: camping, festivals and outdoors…

Climbing Clee hill - with Ten Ball Backpack

We recently took a day out to visit the RADAR station atop the the Clee Hills – Titterstone Clee Hill.

Scouting locations for photoshoots has become a bit of a hobby, each weekend it seems a new location gets mentioned, Clee Hill has been on the list for some time. When you first arrive it’s like you’re on a film set, huge radar arrays buzzing with electricity behind chain link fences. Quarries and mines flooded after laying waste for a hundred years, this place has got it all. It’s beautiful, unearthly and scary all at the same time… perfect for a shoot with the new range in a few weeks.

Harry Sack Backpack on top of Clee Hill

Whilst at the summit we started to compile two lists… 1, how and why the place exists. 2, how to cope when you’re presented with 4 seasons in 30 minutes…

Wikipedia seems to be rather informative about the RADARS so here’s the hastily collated Cora + Spink guide to coping with the English great outdoors whilst looking good.

Cora + Spink’s Guide to Looking Good Outdoors

  1. Layers – we all know it’s best to layer up – but when you’re in the middle of a forest, how do you carry these layers? Ten Ball backpack is the perfect backpack to stash a few layers, along with water, camera, phone battery pack, GPS and…
  2. Colour – the colour of the countryside isn’t drab military green, no matter what various countryside fashion labels will insist upon, it’s not against any rules to enjoy a splash of colour. Accessories and bags in vibrant colours not only stand out, but when you get lost your body can be found much more efficiently.
  3. Bag – when exploring the great outdoors you might need a couple of bags – your pockets are only so big, so choose a few from our range…
  4. At this point we got slightly distracted by chasing a sheep… I think you get the picture. Be safe outdoors. Enjoy the pictures.


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