Nothing is limited edition

The Power of the Whim.

In the world of bags we have a constant battle. Each afternoon someone new asks us what’s next, what’s the latest development, where is the story going? When we reply, ‘I think a bit of orange is going to be a rather nice injection’, sometimes, just sometimes people don’t realise… that, that is exactly what we are going to do… and that them asking the question has prompted a decision to be made.
You see, running an independent design company allows you to make choices based on the things that you know and love. It conversely allows you to follow whims, two minutes ago I didn’t know I wanted a deep reddy orange to feature as a major colour in the next range… I didn’t do any research, I didn’t have to ask anyone, think about it even – I simply flicked through a sun faded pantone swatch book that I am sure someone nicked and sold me on Ebay ten years ago, and picked out a nice deep, almost 1970’s rusty orange colour – and sent that reference number to the dye house at the mill.

So what does this mean about limited edition?

We don’t do limited edition, everything is limited edition… by the nature of what we make, by the way of our production process every single bag you see can only ever be made once – this of course is true of any object in the world. No one can ever really replicate something perfectly, but semantics aside – the orangey-red fabric that should be arriving at the warehouse in 72 hours will never be recreated – not perfectly.
I’ve covered our production process quite a few times, but we have moved on a step or two since I last detailed them, but in essence when we (I) decide that something feels about right we go for it. General themes and ideas exist, some work, some don’t – but we embrace the inconsistency of small batch production… so, yes Bishop Bag and Harry Sack are coming back for round two – are they limited editions, heck yes… will they see round 19? I pretty much bet my bottom on it.