People that 'get' quality


Colour roulette. What you see might be what you get.

People that ‘get’ quality.

I was chatting to a customer last week, we were talking shop, the usual… best way to remove sticker gunk from a window, (hair dryer and nail varnish remover) when we got onto the topic of quality of goods. I flippantly said ‘some people like you, just get it’, this brought me to think… what exactly do I mean? When I said, ‘you just get it’, is this because you are educated and take these things for granted? Which sounded really arrogant. So I decided to outline what our quality is, to try to find out what ‘getting it’ means.

Top 10 Reasons you ‘get’ our quality

  • Handmade – Humans aren’t robots. Our bags are designed to be simple, but repetitive, mind numbing simple tasks aren’t good for the brain, soul or heart. So we don’t work like that; each bag has personality, with personality come quirks. Our bags are full of quirks. Moreover, 2 or 3 people handle the ‘making of the bag’ (cut and stitch), pride and attention to detail is taken at a personal level. This means that we embrace that one bag will be stitched slightly differently from the next, reflecting that person’s own method for tackling bag construction – we don’t churn out bags on a production line…
  • Fabric – All of our 22 oz cotton canvas is woven on narrow looms 50″ wide, on machinery that is nearly 100 years old. Fabric made like this holds a certain quality that modern mass manufactured fabric doesn’t. In addition to this, only small batches of this fabric can be made at any one time. Weather and the seasons all affect the characteristics of the fabric. No batch is ever the same.
  • Hand dye – This is an art, one that I am allowed only a cursory yay or neigh… Sometimes I am not allowed even this. The very nature of colour is complicated, it’s personal and highly subjective. And this is another aspect of design I love, seeing what happens next is part of the fun. The reason for not repeating colours isn’t just that it’s impossible, it’s because why would we want to? We all know it is never possible to recreate that one unexpected night out.
  • Wax – You never know what you’re going to get! Well, actually waxing is a controlled process, much like baking a soufflé, it’s tried, tested and deviation doesn’t really work. When you introduce a different colour and fabric batch to the waxing process, an added bonus to the toughened and more resilient canvas, is yet another quality.
  • Leather – Leather is natural, we embrace that, and as such waste, as little as possible, so what we get is almost a finger print left on the bag. A cow print. (hoof)

What does this all mean. What we make and love is the combination of years of skills. Skills that don’t hide imperfection, but embrace it. This is what creates our quality. Much like this list of erm 10 items.
Not everything is as perfect as you

Look closely for the flecks in the waxed canvas and the stitch that’s 0.7mm off

Have a look at what’s in store >>

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