Motorbikes, Royal Blood and Shooting in LA

Getting ready takes time

Getting ready for the all important product launch has set us a number of tasks… and we’ve upped the ante for 2016. I’ve been officially sacked as model – so we’re off to Los Angeles to film and find a star, well that’s the plan. 3 weeks of lovely Californian sun or a rather early June gloom – I do have a certain knack for making it arrive early. We’re off in April.
Some locations are set, most are not, but lots of what we do will capture a spirit of the moment, ‘joie de vivre’ as they say. I want to make a slasher movie – but have been told this is not on the cards… in any shape or form… ever. We’ll see.
Which brings me full circle to make some subtle announcements. The new range is larger than last year, we have developed a new canvas – working with the mill to produce a heavy canvas that traditionally would never be ‘finished’. It’s never been processed this way ever before, it’s a unique and totally custom approach to making a material, it’s something so simple that shouldn’t work, but does, beautifully. We have also upped the quality and number of styles for this season, moving production to new facilities in India has opened up what we could only really dream of before.

Travel bags with custom canvas

Our travels and our travel plans, our customer feedback has been instrumental in looking closely as to what and how the bags are being used. This is why we have introduced more sectioning within all of the bags, and partial padding/lining in others too. But we are not deviating from the simplicity of design that everyone loves. It’s just getting better, we’re adding a level of functionality that won’t predispose the bag to certain activities – just as Harry Sack has been used to travel the world, it’s also been mostly used on the daily commute. (We’ve hit all 7 continents now – but are missing photos from Australia… + if anyone is going to Antarctica we will send them a bag of their choice in exchange for photos)
It has been our travels that impacted most on the design direction we have taken. This trip to LA in a few weeks is testament to the design process. We are going away for 3 weeks, but work will not stop. We are taking kit for the shoots, a variety of laptops and cameras, we travel light, but we pack lots. I will be taking one of each bag, I will be travelling with our new Duffle bag in the hold and one other bag on my back – as yet I can’t decide which one…
One thing that has become apparent though is our choice of cameras, last year I bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 and I’ve been blown away with what it can achieve… quick unplanned pictures are good, but spend a little time setting up ‘properly’ and in the right conditions you’ll be hard pressed to notice it’s a ‘phone pic’… so whilst we will be taking proper cameras, a big DSLR Nikon and a Canon – if I were to cut my travel luggage down I wouldn’t mind not carrying a camera. But that’s me… I want the new S7 now. It makes you travel in time!
This post has been quite waffley, closer to home today I had a meeting with a local firm – Second City Customs – it’s not often I am left a stuttering dribbling fool, but their bikes, especially the one below are something from another era. Custom hand engraving of this quality is just out of this world, it is firms like this that really spark the creative hidden inside me. This is why we will be doing some photos and work together on our return, what that ends up being I have no literally no idea. Slasher movie for certain.
If you’re a stockist or want to become one, drop us a line!

Motorbikes and music should I buy the S7?

It’s quite apt that I track down the music to the new Samsung advert (UK)

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