Street Art Tour Berlin, Germany

Travelling through Berlin with backpack

Traveling to Berlin to eat snails.
Moon boots rammed in my face, “are these okay?” I haven’t seen a Moon Boot that up close since I was a child, I recall an odd fascination with these hi-tech foot covererers… But that was the exact moment Ayesha let me know she was off for a long weekend in Berlin, Germany.
And it was going to be cold.
To say the trip was well planned would be doing everyone involved a disservice, the trip was as last minute as they come, and although moon boots were purchased, our sample supply section was seriously depleted. This was a trip that had been internet researched for at least ten minutes.
All I was concerned with on Friday the 13th was my task of driving a 6 year old child from one side of Birmingham to another. My driving track record speaks for itself – 12 months of driving, three cars – and now I was to deliver a child. Whilst I’m rocking back and forth worrying about how to mend children, Ayesha is already at Manchester, ready to board the 15 minute flight to that snowy place.

  • Child delivered, via KFC to a willing aunt ✔
  • The Bibi and Luke land in the snow Berlin ✔✔


The internet poking had come up trumps. One short ride on the S. Bahn to the Zoological gardens and they were in, what has been described as, a place full of nice food and shopping, not far from ‘everything’. The hotel booked for the weekend Wyndham Berlin Excelsior looked like home, Birmingham Brutalist home, but ended up being absolutely lovely.
Choice of location was based around food, something close to Ayesha’s heart, several were visited, but of particular note was the Thai Elephant and a bijou quirky French restaurant.

Day times and meticulous planning

“It was so cold my phone wouldn’t work” Moon boots aside, it was not expected to be quite as nippy as it was, so cold that a brand new iPhone 7+ refused to operate much of the time, and for once I believe this. The temperatures often dip to -5°C at this time of year, but with wind chill, not that -5°C isn’t cold, it felt significantly colder. Ayesha managed to get some amazing candid shots whilst on the Berlin Street Art Tour but for once this time, Berlin was more of a break from the toils of Cora + Spink.
Berlin is a vast and exciting city, and a town we’re going to be spending more time. We missed the Seek Berlin tradeshow this year but will seriously consider it next year. If you have any comments then please let us know below!
Photography Ayesha Bibi 2017