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It started with a YouTube video…
A few years ago YouTube became more interesting than TV, it wasn’t hard. From there vloggers appeared, 10 minutes in the life of a stranger in full HD. Brilliant or as mundane as that sounds, one star Casey Neistat (who I thoroughly recommend) really captivated me. Following the daily life, trials and tribulations of a film maker/marketing/entrepreneur in New York hooked me, line and sinker.
YouTube is a dangerous place; it’s so easy to enter the so called black-hole of just one more, happily however Casey introduced me to Ben Brown, and the reason I titled this post coincidences.
Ben in his own words is:

Film maker & photographer from London, uploading daily vlogs which
are sometimes late due to projects, travel & life! I do my best to
make my vlogs the best they can be, subscribe to joint my journey!

Ben Brown mixes travel, lifestyle, fashion and adventure with a certain aesthetic, the art direction of his short movies along with his music choices are perfect 15 minute escapes. On 11th of June 2016 Ben published the following video – from the second I heard the music I knew I had to do something, I recommend you watch for at least the first 2 minutes.

The music used in the opening of the video was being sung and performed by Tim Newman. Then life happened. I never forgot Tim, he has a great name, but I didn’t do anything beyond flicking through his various social media channels.

Fast forward to January 17th, 2017.

Instagram stories and live feeds, I get a notification that Tim is streaming live so check in, the first time I’ve ever watched a live stream… there are 200 or so viewers (the lad is popular) and he’s just rehearsing prior to performing for Matthew Barzun the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Through the clatter of numerous fans and words of encouragement Tim spots the Cora + Spink Duck – and asks what we do, and from there, as they say the rest is history.
We’ve been working with Tim for just a few weeks now, this week he has been in Italy, travelling and busking. I’ll link below his various channels, give the lad some love! He’s certainly one to watch.
Tim Newman covers Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran

Black Butter bag in Milan, Italy – March 2017 with Tim Newman.

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