Traveling to Los Angeles for backpack inspiration

Cora + Spink travel bag

Exploring and travel, they’re half of what brings variety and spice to Cora + Spink – we live and work to explore, see new horizons, but seeking out new experiences helps us mold the fabric of our work. Each trip allows us to see more, and build more into each and every bag…
My family live in Los Angeles, California – in a small place called Hermosa Beach. An amazing beach town, it’s a genuine surfers paradise, with brilliant beaches and Pacific surf. Last year I spent a month there to shoot the new collection, which was probably the most expensive disaster known to man. But it has enabled us to get to today.
In the last 12 months what did we take away from our travels? How has travel influenced Cora + Spink?

  1. Active lifestyle with work – travel in LA introduced requirements for a beach lifestyle – how that translates to carrying different things together with work things. We looked at how to make carrying a change of clothes + towel with work things easier. Ten Ball, Ruxtpin and Robin were all designed for this purpose.
  2. Ethics – telling people about our standpoint on sustainability of our production – as we have grown it’s been important to look at, and develop the facilities where we make Cora + Spink a reality (full post coming) part of this is shouting about our ethical standpoint, how we work with various agencies and charities to educate and fund textile production in West Bengal.
  3. Comfort – introduced more padding to straps and handles – a natural progression, we started with simple solid leather straps that looked better than they performed, we are now looking at ways to make our straps some of the best, and most comfortable straps available – whilst maintaining the distinctive Cora + Spink style.
  4. Variety – from 5 styles to 9 and growing, variety is the spice of life.
  5. Technology – protecting you and it. RFID protection in all wallets as standard, serious attention to detail for your laptops and gadgets
  6. Simplified – concentrating on the online to make shopping here as quick and simple as can be.
  7. Men’s and Women’s – officially dropping the use of the term “Men’s bags”. I started out designing bags around my own life. Feedback made it clear, men and women equally love Cora + Spink. It was natural progression to remove the focus on a differentiation – I don’t like the term unisex, but sometimes that gets used.