Travel with One Bag. Backpacking and Exploring Spain with a Backpack.

Just one Bag. Travel with one bag is easy - where you go is the hardest choice you have to make!

Travel with One Bag

With so much choice, just where do you go traveling?

It shouldn’t be where, but when? Surely? A last minute jaunt takes us to somewhere we didn’t expect, and we found lots that we never knew…


Okay, so you’re here reading about a place you think you know everything about? You may even have seen the Johnny Vegas show – English lager, bingo with roast dinners on the beach. But what happens if you ignore what you think you know, and go exploring anyway?

In February, Ayesha and Simon went on an adventure. One day they decided to explore Benidorm, so excited with what they found they returned the next day.

Cora + Spink travels in Spain. Street Photography - 2 men sat talking.

With tourism comes cash, and with cash many things can happen. Starting in the early 1930’s Benidorm was the place to be for many wealthy Spaniards – seeking what most people look for whilst holidaying; weather, food and entertainment. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

With an annual influx of visitors, Benidorm and the surrounding area began capitalisation of the tourist trade. As early as 1960 the first skyscraper hotels were constructed. Attracting “high flyers” on their very first foreign holidays. Architecture, fashion and style were in abundance – but competition was rife.

It’s argued that Benidorm gets it’s image from an adventurous man, one Norman Corkhill, who formed “Gay Tours” in the 1960’s, his personal approach, marketing his services to the landladies of Blackpool was undoubtedly an early insight to what happened over the coming decades.

Backpacking in Spain with a limited budget


Exploring with a set mindset is not good.

When the first images started being WhatsApped back to sunny Worcestershire, I had to say I was shocked.

This was not what I’d seen before. This isn’t what I knew. This wasn’t Blackpool. This looked good – this looked like somewhere I wanted to go, how much would a flight be to join them, so I looked – Ā£19 to Alicante…

Look up!

Travelling with just one backpack.

Shoestring budget, yes, wanting to travel quickly and without hindrance, also yes. Travel with one bag allows you to take advantage of the situation, like discovering Benidorm is photogenic and you’ll stay an extra day, with everything on your back you can make that choice, you can book a different AirBnb – you can have freedom!

How to travel with one backpack?

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How do you actually do it though? How do you pack one backpack for an adventure, a holiday… for 1 week, 3 weeks or longer? This video is better at explaining than…

In short, roll your things, try to plan outfits that can be mixed and matched and roll everything.

A spanish balcony in Benidorm

Photography in Spain with Cora + Spink

Ayesha and Simon have reluctantly returned home now. A long weekend was not long enough…

travel photography backpack - it doesnt need to be expensive.

Beach backpacking.

Beauty is in the eye of the masked woman

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