Watch video of our mens bags

It’s Always Fun… to be filmed

I’ve been playing around with our instagram account for the last 2 months, and not only engaging with many really interesting and exciting people. But also sharing ideas and content with a totally new audience. Before getting an android phone I never really saw the point of Instagram – it was a social media that I felt no association with.
I digress, instagram is interesting, it’s fun and social. It’s a great platform to advertise and show off, its a great way to hone and develop skills, and I have noticed that (with my new phones help) the quality of my snaps has come along… I can nearly say I am proud. Who says a BSc in Scientific Photography is needed, but thanks Westminster.
So yesterday I was in photography mode, setting up the shots for a catalogue ready for next month. Whilst doing this I was snapping away on my phone getting some instagram snaps… which brings me full circle as to what this post is about. As I had the big camera out I decided to try out the video. So I have now, officially got some footage of each of the bags. There is a reason.

It’s hard to show people why our bags are simple

Telling people that Harry Sack is just a backpack often leaves them confused… with a video they ‘get it’… so here are the product videos in one place… I will be getting some proper videos edited together for digital lookbooks… but for now… here are the videos in all their glory hole.

Dingo CV Messenger

Harry Sack Backpack

Gone Fishing Satchel

Bishop Bag Backpack

Toplap Laptop Bag

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