Waxed my Backpack – Official Launch

Official launch date for the full colours range is now Saturday 4th July 2015.  On this day you will be able to browse and buy the full range, in all of the new colours – there are 3 styles that have only been briefly posted about on here, all new colours, all new combinations of waxed canvases… all the bags, rucksacks and backpacks have been tweaked to perfection.

World first – an actual glimpse of 2015 summer colours – 4th July waxed canvas bags

Locations for the launch are Hanbury Countryside Show Worcestershire and either Cardiff or Oxford PLUS new online shop, with photos and background information for every bag. We’re beavering away here behind the scenes fingers crossed that there are no problems with customs and shipping. But so far can see no hold ups. So signup below ∨∨ and share the fuck out of this across the world. Here’s our view from C+S towers of All Saints Church, Bromsgrove. God is watching over us as we wait the arrival of the next container of stuff. It’s relaxing. There appears to be something of a technical issue here with our youtube channel. I have angered the gods, I’ll sacrifice someone tomorrow.

Have a look now ready for the 4th July >>>>

bookmark the page and sign up below – hint, it’s worth it.


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