What to wear in the office this autumn

Update your work clothes with a new laptop bag

With the autumn sun dropping down longer and earlier each night, it’s really good to make use of the natural orange, reds and even blues that the sun castes… but let’s not forget the early morning often requires a bit of a boost, so introducing a good block colour to your wardrobe will give your outfit an instant boost without screaming ‘Hello Sailor’… (can I say that?)
The autumn going into winter is a contrast season to summer, you need to look at what you will be doing and how to accessorise… you bag is often the last thing you will think about, but whilst on the commute and in the office it is probably the first thing people will notice.
You really want to pay attention to bags when you’re going into meetings, your outfit can be perfect, but throw a bit of cheap Chinese polyester over your shoulder and.. well need I say anymore… You don’t want to be noticed for your bag, but it certainly won’t harm your reputation should you get positive comments and second looks when you enter a room with a Cora + Spink on your shoulder.
Remember though, that we style for you, and we love to be understated and subtle… so keep the rest of the old outfit classical and interesting but your own… Our bags wear and change with you as you wear them, they are not made to be a statement.
Out and about shopping with Cora + Spink’s Tim Johnson.
Tim is wearing a deep navy wool pea coat, Japanese raw selvedge denim jeans and a simple lambswool jumper – topped off with Harry Sack in Black Waxed Canvas

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