Working with Leather

Deep metallic grey custom electro plated, custom cast rivets

I like to watch things being made, no more so that when it’s our bags. When we make bags we have a concept, a design, then we work on making a sample. The sample is worked on here in the UK in our sample studio – we have a range of materials and leathers to hand, and can achieve the basics of proportion, balance and feel. We then get to the rough out stage. We get to a stage where it can be passed to Muzafar and this is where the magic happens.

Now, it might be perfectly obvious, if it is skip this next bit. But there are a million ways of achieving the same outcome, I don’t know if it’s our intention, but we often choose the least obvious solution because it tends to look awkward yet better than if we skipped the in house development. Of course this complicates the manufacturing process, but as each unit is made by hand, and each bag thoroughly unique it’s an approach that works for us.

I’ve just been sent some update photos so this quickie post highlights some of the leather panels being assembled ready for Top Lap laptop bag… These bags will soon be winging their way to the shops, but as I said, I like to see things being made…