Our Story

Cora + Spink started it’s journey in 2014 when Tim was looking at ways to make not only a really good bag – but a range of products that would be good and do good.

Simple | Strong | Rugged 

When we think of backpacks, we automatically think of adventures, travel, holidays, good times, happy times.

As a production designer in the fashion industry my job was to travel the world seeking new suppliers, new fabrics and fibres, new techniques and ideas. Exploring, meeting people, seeing the sights with a backpack firmly attached at all times.

But I always had a goal… so when the time was right, sometime in November 2014 I set about bringing together all the people I’d met whilst travelling, and give them a project we could work on together.

That project turned out to be Cora + Spink. A project with a simple concept. Make brilliant backpacks where every person involved was happy.

Cora + Spink was born.

From the first day we have worked to build relationships all over the world with customers and suppliers alike, who want to achieve the same. We want pleasure in the work we do, happiness and satisfaction at the end of the day.

Who we are

Tim Johnson Bromsgrove fashion designer

Tim Johnson
CEO / Founder

Eater of chilli – master of the sewing machine.

Mathilde Rollin
French Designer

She’s really good with colours. 


Ayesha Bibi
Photography and marketing

Cake baker and home audio specialist

Pablo Barragan

Pablo Barragan
Nordic Sales Manager.

Spanish, lives in Sweden, learning Japanese.

David Martínez
Spanish Sales Manager.

He’s got moves…

Darren Hawkins works for Backpack company Cora + Spink in PR

Darren Hawkins
Public Relations

Finds the places we all want to know…

Fudge Cake Cat

Fudge Cat
Customer Support

I’m all ears.