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Tim J.

Featured Backpacks 2019

Ruxtpin Backpack

Ruxtpin returns with some amazing new features. All new handloom lining compliments the tweaked exterior style. It’s tough to modify such a great backpack – the straps are now better fitting and more comfortable.

All black hardware combined with the new leather makes this tech bag something to be reckoned with. Perfect for everyday, or as a larger travel bag. So much room for so many things.


Vegan Poly Bag Backpack.

I see a little silhouetto of a rectangle… Poly Bag plays no part in bohemian rhapsody, but as one of our most anticipated styles of 2019 we’re confident… we’re confident you’ll like the backpack.

100% vegan – made with full traceability Poly Bag Backpack is a go everywhere backpack, designed to house your laptop and more in comfort.

Certified Vegan Backpacks from Cora + Spink