The making of Cora + Spink..?

We haven't reinvented the wheel when it comes to making stuff, but we have tried our best to develop a mindful approach to production that (we hope) leaves a positive impact on everyone who touches C+S. For those curious about the practical side of the journey from concept to creation, here's a rough guide to making a C+S bag.

Happy not perfect.

We make mistakes and we get things wrong. Sometimes the solution just isn’t available… But we work constantly to improve, learn and adapt at every opportunity. Ultimately our goal has never wavered, we work tirelessly to ensure everyone, in any capacity, who touches a C+S product is happy.


Taking it for granted.

When we formed Cora + Spink it was taken for granted that we’d work with people we like. Near or far, there was never a time the person we’re dealing with was not the priority. This way of working formed the backbone of the business. A sustainable and ethical business follows when the focus is on the people and all aspects of their lives. As C+S grows these principles have helped develop a business that gives more than it takes, physically, environmentally and socially.