Chubby Cat – Discovering and Being Discovered

In a perfect world there would be more Cats.

Knocking our socks off… Chubby Cat, a sensation.

(Quick links to Cat below.)

When we got an Instagram message from Cat, I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited. You see, we have a love / hate relationship with social media, but direct messages are different….

As creatives, we’re continually scouring the land in search of anything new: from architecture and interior design, to indie shops and music, it’s our job really. So when Cat (a solo artist / producer who is quickly taking the indie / alt scene by storm) messaged me to let me know that she’d just completed a photoshoot with Shane McGuirk styled with one of our Tiger Bums I couldn’t help but get giddy.

And now we get to share their amazing work.

Artist / Model Chubby Cat
Photographer / Images Shane McGuirk
Bag Tiger Bum

Tim attempted to do an interview, but for some reason he thought asking about ghouls and ghosts was way more important than Cat’s up coming releases, music and fashion inspiration… you can lead a horse.

Some words from Cat.

What’s something you’d love to say that you have never been asked before in an interview.

Nobody has really asked me what motivates me to do what I do/to be who I have chosen to be right now.

It’s the absolute pure joy I get from being able to perform on stage, work with and meet as many new people as possible and create art for others to enjoy. That and the thought of possibly being genuinely happy with my career choice. The drive I have to be happy and to support my family tops everything that comes to my mind. If I can do both of those things by pursuing music, to me it doesn’t get much better than that.

Have you ever seen a ghost, ufo or experienced something really weird / coincidental. 

Well we had a building site in our back garden for a while when we were younger and my older sister convinced me that a builder had died on the site tragically. I believed her and we were sitting down watching a movie one night when she asked me to get snacks or whatever. We live in a 200 year old house it’s pretty creaky and scary at night.. she followed me into the hall and started screaming that there was a man in the kitchen. She completely freaked me out so while screaming, I grabbed her and threw her into the kitchen with the said ghost, locked the the door and ran. I decided in my fear to sacrifice her to the ghosts lol Can’t say she didn’t deserve it!

What gets you giddy excited?

Dogs. Dogs make me want to jump out of my own skin with excitement. I love them way too much. I just always want to be around them, they only ever give off good vibes and they’re the best friends you could have!

Favourite destination to walk, chill out or explore?

I really love walking or chilling along any kind of water or beach vibe place haha. I grew up near the beach in Cork and I spent most of my time listening to music while sitting on the rocks or walking along the water just to find a bit of peace and not stress about things. It’s deffo a happy place for me to hang out (with my dog obviously)

Birmingham!!! And we found parking without dying. #birmingham #tiger #city #travel #bumbag #fannypack
A small, but final delivery for 2023 has just landed. For the past 4 months we've been away in the shadows developing and working away to make everything we offer even better. Meaning that our actual production volume for the tail end of 2023 is less than we ideally would have liked... But means a stronger future for the workshop and us in general. In short we've invested heavily in raw materials that take over 4 months to make from start to finish. The investment was both in time and money, and means we will now be able to run continuous production all year around, rather than stop start as we have been for the past 3 years. In short this is much better for everyone, in business terms our accountant is happy, in practical terms we're working to iron out the massive peaks of demand... Which puts undue pressure on everyone. If you've got this far well done! I'm back to the warehouse... is stocked now, shops from next week!! #frankie #hollywood #goesto #baglove #travel #sidebag #manbag #backpack #vegan #veganlife
World heritage site - #ironbridge #shropshire
Four and a half thousand years ago someone had some time on their hands. #stone #ancient #archeology #2500bc #backgarden #mystery #field #outdoors