Tiger Bum Bag from Cora + Spink

Tiger Bum


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Tiger Bum Bag from Cora + Spink

At a glance Tiger Bum is:

  • Waxed waterproofed cotton canvas
  • Recycled cotton lining
  • 100% vegan
  • 95% biodegradable
  • Inside mesh pocket
  • Long adjustable shoulder strap
  • Front patch pocket
  • Rugged metal zip
  • Outside approx. 35 cm (w) x 16 cm (h) x 12 cm (d)
  • Approx capacity 6.5 liters

Tiger Bum | 100% Vegan Bum Bag

Swing it over your shoulder or wrap it around your waist. Tiger bum with its unique shape and size offers you the perfect handsfree action whilst carrying you’re everything. Made from the same waxed canvas as the backpacks, nothing is left to chance with this highly designed and perfectly crafted masterpiece of a bum bag. The inside and outside pockets, together with the adjustable and robust construction, make this the perfect everyday carry when you don’t have too many pockets.

*A note from Tim.

When was the first bum bag created, it must have been sometime before they became popular in the 80’s? Surely they have existed forever…?

Before I get distracted with another Google search; we were inspired to design Tiger due to the absolute handiness of a bag that Mathilde found lurking in the back of her closet. A vintage bum bag, French in origin and perfectly neon orange, falling apart, we couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like reimagined for now, in the custom C+S waxed canvas. Pencil to photoshop, off went the drawings and a few months later a prototype arrived. After a few tweaks and changes, here it lay, a bum bag, called Tiger Bum. The proof was always in the pudding, and today it’s our most popular none backpack bag! Who’d have thunk it…

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 4 cm

It's Aqua, It's Black, It's Blue, It's Green, It's Grey Blue, It's Khaki, It's Orange, It's Pink, It's Yellow


1.7 litres


400 grams

Tiger Bum Bag

Tiger bum with it’s unique shape and size offers you the perfect handsfree action whilst carrying your everything. Made from the same waxed canvas as the backpacks nothing is left to chance with this highly designed and perfectly crafted masterpiece of a bum bag.

Swing it over your shoulder...

  • Infinitely brilliant, perfect everyday bum bag.
  • Featuring inside and outside pockets.
  • Wear it your way.

Made to go everywhere.

  • The perfect size to be your everyday bag.
  • Accidentally perfectly body shaped.
  • Made from the exact same waxed canvas as the backpacks.
  • Inside lined with recycled cotton lining.

Frequently asked questions.

The outside canvas has a unique water repellant treatment that makes the canvas rain proof. The natural and vegan process the canvas undertakes is ideal for all normal weather and conditions, it can also be further treated with Cora + Spink wax finishes. Over time the canvas will need to be topped up if you're outdoors lots. Please get in touch if you need more information.
We accept returns within 30 days where the product has not been used and is returned to us in the same condition (so we can sell it) as it arrived. This includes all straps, buckles, packaging, labels and other supplemental items included in the original sale. Please contact us directly to authorise and obtain a returns address. Full refund/returns policy is available here.
All C + S products are made by hand using natural materials. They are strong and robust, but do require care and attention to ensure they have a long and fulfilling life. We recommend removing mud and stains with a stiff brush, you can then use a damp cloth to gently remove any unwanted marks. Due to the nature of the material finish, you may encounter fading of the canvas - this is to be expected. Don't use harsh chemicals, and do not wash in a washing machine. Specialist cleaners can help - if you have a particularly difficult stain please contact us directly, and we will do our best to advise.
Short answer, absolutely yes. No animal products or by products are used in the production of the backpacks, this includes but is not limited to the glues and treatments, the inks, dyes and the waxes... the working environment where all the backpacks are made is exclusively used only for Core + Spink products, meaning we control all elements of production.

What others are saying.

Fantastic, original designs and very friendly and efficient service. Would definitely order from here again.


via Google.

Bun bag.... the most convenient banana bag following me everywhere with style. The only only time I m not using it is when I sleep :)


via Email.

This was meant to be a gift for my sister in law - but it accidentally got kept by me. Adore the colour and shape, and how easy it is to wear. Love the little note that came in the package. #supportsmallbusiness. Wi Yates.


via Messenger.

Although I am biased, I have followed Tim and his journey with C+S for the last 4 years - Tiger Bum was my most recent purchase. If you're looking for a simple, everyday bag then this could be what you're looking for. It's brilliant over the shoulder, as a cross body bag (see the pictures) but can also be worn old skool style around the waist. The materials and craftsmanship is second to none - and I personally know that Tim cares so much about the sourcing of all the materials. #supportsmallbusiness.


via Messenger.

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