The Ultimate Adventure in Sri Lanka with Cora + Spink Backpacks: Uncover the Mysterious and the Unexplained.

Sri Lanka, is a tropical paradise – pristine beaches, lush forests, and rich cultural heritage, but Tim wanted to research the weird side*. 

*We haven’t told Anna – yet. 

The RAF Officer’s Encounter

In 2011, a retired RAF officer vacationing in Sri Lanka reported an extraordinary experience that would later make headlines. The officer claimed to have seen a UFO hovering in the sky and even managed to capture photographs as evidence. These photographs were sent to the UK Ministry of Defence, sparking a wave of interest in the UFO community. The incident was covered by reputable news outlets like BBC News and Reuters, adding credibility to the sighting. The case remains open, with UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike debating the authenticity of the photographs and the implications of such an encounter.

Visit the Skies of Trincomalee

Location: Trincomalee, Eastern Province
What to Do:


Sri Lanka’s Stargate: The Sakwala Chakraya

Located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sakwala Chakraya is a mysterious chart-like carving that has intrigued researchers and conspiracy theorists alike. Found in Ranmasu Uyana, a 40-acre ancient urban park, this enigmatic chart is believed by some to be a stargate—a portal to other dimensions or galaxies. Theories suggest that the intricate designs and symbols on the chart serve as a code to unlock this celestial gateway. The subject has been covered in depth by BBC Travel, offering various perspectives on its origins and purpose.

The Sakwala Chakraya in Anuradhapura

Location: Anuradhapura, North Central Province
What to Do:

Alien Mountain: Danigala

Nestled deep within the Sri Lankan jungle is Danigala, a mountain that defies natural explanation. Also known as Alien Mountain, its unique circular shape and entirely flat top have led many to speculate that it was once a landing site for UFOs. Local villagers have reported unusual phenomena in the area, such as an unusually high frequency of shooting stars, and thunder and lightning storms. These accounts have fueled the belief that Danigala is a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity, making it a must-visit for anyone intrigued by the unknown.

Danigala Adventure

Location: Danigala, Eastern Province
What to Do:

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