Almost Square


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Almost Square Canvas Wallet

  • 4 card slots – holds 10 + cards with ease
  • Coin and note section
  • RFID protected.
  • Waxed waterproofed cotton canvas
  • Recycled/reclaimed cotton lining
  • Metal zip
  • Outside approx. 11 cm (w) x 9 cm (h) x 2 cm (d)

A wallet like no other. Made strong. Almost square wallet is constructed for when you must strap everything in. Made from the same waxed canvas and recycled cotton as the bags, with strong metal zips this is a wallet that will last.

Your wallet is unlike other things you own. It undergoes immense stress living in your backpocket, whilst holding some of your most private and important documents. If we were to be sensible, you’d lockaway or use a safe to store your ID, cash and bank cards – (although receipts, scraps of paper, a business card from that chap you met last thursday, are probably okay in your pocket.) but carrying a safe out and about is not ideal.

Design wise, making this wallet was evolutionary – the ‘almost square’ outer design (hence the name) is dictated by the contents, building on this we wanted to see how a fully zipped ‘strong’ wallet could be made, but also look reasonably sophisticated and of course be the right size for a backpocket (or wherever you carry it). Construction is with C+S laminated and waxed cotton canvas. This water resistant natural material is perfectly suited for daily use, over time it relaxes and develops a wonderful pattina. It starts out stiff and crisp, but with use molds to the things you carry, and way you use it. Inside was a challenge, keeping bulk down, and strength up whilst providing the right amount of room for cards, cash and coins.

Almost Square has been in constant production for just over 5 years now, each production takes advantage of our small production volumes, handcraft skills and ability to tweak and change the design. Today Almost Square is the best we’ve ever made it. We are positive this is the perfect wallet when you want to carry lots, it only gets better with use.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 cm

It's Aqua, It's Black, It's Blue, It's Burgundy, It's Green, It's Grey Blue, It's Khaki, It's Orange, It's Pink, It's Yellow


110 grams

Almost Square Wallet

A wallet like no other. Made strong. Almost square wallet is constructed for when you must strap everything in. Made from the same waxed canvas and recycled/reclaimed cotton as the bags, with strong metal zips this is a wallet that will last.

The most important thing in your pocket.

  • Your wallet contains some of your most important things. From cash to cards, to ID and photos. 
  • Strong and secure, robust travel wallet will keep everything safe.
  • Made with robust zips and strong waxed canvas.
  • Rugged design that will take you everywhere. 

Not just pretty. 

  • Engineered using the same waxed canvas as our backpacks, to last and hold strong.
  • Zipped for your pleasure. You can hold more in this wallet than any other.
  • Made with attention to detail and functionality. 
  • Card slots, bill fold sections and coin holder.
  • Almost Square is not square, nor minimal. It's rugged and happy to be so.

Frequently asked questions.

The outside canvas has a unique water repellant treatment that makes the canvas rain proof. The natural and vegan process the canvas undertakes is ideal for all normal weather and conditions, it can also be further treated with Cora + Spink wax finishes. Over time the canvas will need to be topped up if you're outdoors lots. Please get in touch if you need more information.
We accept returns within 30 days where the product has not been used and is returned to us in the same condition (so we can sell it) as it arrived. This includes all straps, buckles, packaging, labels and other supplemental items included in the original sale. Please contact us directly to authorise and obtain a returns address. Full refund/returns policy is available here.
All C + S products are made by hand using natural materials. They are strong and robust, but do require care and attention to ensure they have a long and fulfilling life. We recommend removing mud and stains with a stiff brush, you can then use a damp cloth to gently remove any unwanted marks. Due to the nature of the material finish, you may encounter fading of the canvas - this is to be expected. Don't use harsh chemicals, and do not wash in a washing machine. Specialist cleaners can help - if you have a particularly difficult stain please contact us directly, and we will do our best to advise.
Short answer, absolutely yes. No animal products or by products are used in the production of the backpacks, this includes but is not limited to the glues and treatments, the inks, dyes and the waxes... the working environment where all the backpacks are made is exclusively used only for Core + Spink products, meaning we control all elements of production.

What others are saying.

Recently acquired a zip-around wallet. Delivery was very quick, in fact within two days. I was surprised and pleasantly pleased. Having had a Cora + Spink wallet for a couple of days now, I would add that the quality and design of the wallet is tough yet elegant, sturdy yet simplistic; spacious yet conserved. In particular the spaces inbetween the card pockets allows me to take out a card easily and effortlessly, unlike my previous slim wallet. The little forest motif design in the wallet is... cute? I suppose. I've noticed it's a running a theme in most of the Cora+Spink's bags. Overall the wallet is very secure and rugged.


via Google.

Just recieved the Almost Square wallet from Tim having been recommended to try one out by a family memeber who had one of the originals from years ago, that's still going strong. Hopefully this one will last me as long as that. Good stitching. Good canvas. And a good size.


via Google.

Love this wallet! Came quickly and well packaged. Husband loves it, love the ethos, and spirit of the company. Keep it up!

Fiona W.

via Google.

Loved it.


via Messenger.

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