How to reduce carbon footprint with a backpack?

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Cora + Spink Pollutes

Steps Cora + Spink takes to offset it’s carbon footprint…

Windmills and goats

I started writing this article thinking I’d talk about about how “the small things matter – every vote counts” – blah blah blah. Then I downloaded the image pack from our climate partner, and goats featured quite heavily.

You see goats are really rather amazing creatures – they survive with very little and they’re incredibly cute. Windmills on the other hand are quite marmite – I sit on the fence with marmite, but I do like a good wind farm picture.

Cora + Spink’s contribution to making pollution.

Cora + Spink makes pollution. There, I said it. When we make things it creates pollution. Typing this on a computer in Worcestershire, England is creating pollution. Making anything creates pollution. How much pollution we make is controllable, but unavoidable.

do three big (ish) things…


Cora + Spink backpacks are made to last. This means the amount of energy (physical, material, mental) put in at the start of the backpack’s life, is then spread out over a long time. Like a super efficient car – it’s still consuming energy, but allowing you to go further.

Rugged Backpack

Some things are made to last

A stitch here, a stitch there – but built well to start.


Use of efficient and regulated processes. From the materials used to make the backpacks, to the places we manufacture, we optimise and improve the techniques we use. This comes in many forms, but our principle action is to utilise local suppliers of the materials used. The cotton canvas, leather and metal hardware is all manufactured within a 20 mile radius of where the backpacks are sewn. We don’t make the rivets in China, import lining from Turkey etc. etc.

Of utmost importance, the dyes, finishes and the techniques to produce the leather and canvas are all strictly regulated and controlled to higher than required standards. This is an area we are currently investing time and money in to improve and further enhance. Our close work with the Khadi Board of West Bengal for the last 2 years is implicit in Cora + Spink’s commitment to safe, sustainable, regulated and happy Indian production.

it's not pretty

It’s not pretty

But we’re working with each supplier to ensure it’s efficient, regulated and safe.


Goats, windmills… and some hydro-electrical power plants. It’s 2018, yet we still communicate by printing things on squished wood.

We adopted a largely paper free office yonks ago; initially this was a conscious effort but over time this approach has been adopted by most businesses here in the UK. As a retail business we still consume printed material – the next sentence might come across as paradoxical. Last year we found a great printer based in Germany who were able to introduce us to carbon offsetting. And this is where the windmills come in.

In a nutshell for each print job we commission, through climate partners we are able to fully offset the carbon produced by investing in alternative energy developments around the world. In the past year we have been supporting a hydro electrical system in Madagascar.

Most recently we have been able to support Wind energy, in Vader Piet, Aruba. And this is where windmills and goats come into your backpack.

Cora + Spink is not a charity

Cora + Spink offsetting carbon just makes sense.


No matter what we do we will always have an effect on the rock we call earth. But by following a simple and common sense approach that effect can be overall positive. 

Think of the goats – buy a backpack. 

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” Tim Johnson, we’re not here to save the planet, but I will never stop trying to make it a better place… ”

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