A flower shop and backpacks?

Vermillion Stores Glasgow x Cora and Spink 3

Flower Power. 

Amazing visuals made possible with flowers.

(Links to Vermillion Stores below.)

It might be dramatic to say our lives changed when Angus and Terri from Vermillion Stores reached out to us to stock Cora + Spink, however, as the photos show below, it was such a great smacking hit of inspiration, that a month later we’re still trying to make sense of future possibilities.

To think, it all started with a customer wandering in to the shop carrying a Cora + Spink bag – photos and a 1000 words and all…. Terri and Angus are available at the links. Please check them out!

Vermillion Stores Glasgow x Cora and Spink 10

Photographer: Flannery O’Kafka

Vermillion Stores Glasgow x Cora and Spink 1 1

Photographer: Flannery O’Kafka

Terri – Flowers Vermilion.

Flowers Vermilion is a floral design studio based in Glasgow. It was started by me, Terri. For the 15 years prior to starting Flowers Vermilion I worked for florists based in the New Forest and London, and worked as an artist making large scale installations, paintings and sculptures. I studied Fine Art and exhibited widely before in recent years turning to work full time with flowers. I have always had an interest in horticulture and I grow as many flowers for the business as as I can in my garden and on my allotment. My style is bold, playful and influenced by a wide range of historical styles.

The name Flowers Vermilion references the historic pigment Vermilion, a red, or scarlet, hue. This ancient pigment is associated with ancient Rome and Chinese lacquerware. The colour is also found in many 16th century, dutch floral still life paintings, another important influence in my work. I also draw influence stylistically from Japanese flower arrangement, otherwise know as ikebana. My work is eclectic, I like to use a range of techniques and styles across my work. I love to use many different flowers, dried and fresh, and to incorporate foraged material that has unique and shapely elements.

As the business has grown my partner Angus has joined. Angus is also an artist and has spent over 15 years working as an installation specialist for art galleries in London, Berlin and now Glasgow. His expertise in the hanging and installation of art allows us to take on ambitious and complicated technical challenges. Our son, Ernst, who is now 3, is also an important part of the business. He can be seen in our studio regularly, helping out however he can.

Vermillion Stores Glasgow x Cora and Spink 8

Photographer: Kris Kesiak

Vermillion Stores Glasgow x Cora and Spink 4

Photographer: McGlynn Sister

Vermillion Stores Glasgow x Cora and Spink 11

Installations & Commissions
Flowers Vermillion.

Vermillion Stores x Cora and Spink 2022 5

Cora + Spink – It’s Pink Fonthill.
Flowers Vermillion.

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