Kew Gardens

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Royal Botanic Gardens

Kew Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew

Kew Gardens, London

Picking a town or city to recommend for visitors in the UK is difficult to do without including London. But with so many fantastic attractions and places of historical importance in London, we thought we’d choose one of the most fascinating – Kew Gardens, a world-famous attraction.

Founded in 1840, Kew Gardens is not just a collection of plants, it is also a place where scientific research into plant life is constantly underway. The gardens contain the most biodiverse selection of plant life anywhere in the world, and the Botanic Gardens will take your breath away. This is a place like no other.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kew offers access to the Temperate House. This is the largest remaining Victorian greenhouse in the world and is home to many rare and endangered species making it a hugely important collection. There is also a carefully created and contained Mediterranean Habitat which is a fascinating experience.

There is so much diversity in plant life at Kew Gardens it may not be possible to take all of it in on one visit, but we recommend you do visit the quite spectacular arboretum and the charming Alpine rock garden.

You really need to dedicate a day to exploring the many wonderful collections and displays at Kew Gardens. There is a choice of cafes and restaurants offering both sit-down and take-away meals, but when all is said and done, it’s the greatest collection of rare and exotic plants from across the world that is the star.

Book ahead for a Kew Gardens visit and we recommend you take the train as parking is surprisingly limited. This is a great family day out or, if you are fanatical about plants, one to take in yourself so that you have all the time in the world to explore!

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