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Winston James Woof

Winston James Woof

Frome, Somerset

A pretty town in a picturesque location in the Mendip Hills, Frome is well known for a vibrant arts scene, as well as being home to some highly regarded restaurants.

Among these is The Archangel, a four-star rated boutique restaurant and bar in a historic building that is worth the visit alone. The building is mentioned in the Domesday Book and is known to have been an inn as long ago as 1311. A listed building, the menu is sumptuous, and the 10 rooms are beautifully presented. This is a prime place to stay in Frome.

Frome is also known for its annual literary festival, which runs as part of the wider reaching ‘Frome Festival’ which encompasses art in many forms. Independent bookshop Winstone’s is the place to go top find the titles you can’t get elsewhere, and added charm is that it is located on Cheap Street, the only street in England with a leat (an artificial watercourse) running down the middle!

Part of the thriving Frome arts culture is Black Swan Arts, an arts centre, gallery, and café, with standard and touring exhibitions throughout the year. A shops and a handful of studio shops male this a place for art lovers to put on their list, and it’s also a wonderful place to find unusual gifts. Check out the website for what’s on when you’re in town, or just drop in and see what’s happening.

Close to Frome and of historical interest is Cley Hill, close to the town of Warminster. A National Trust property, the hill is a beautiful place to walk and observe the local landscape. There is a legend associated with Cley Hill that says it was dropped in place by The Devil. There is an iron age hill fort of great archaeological importance.

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